World sports stars congratulate Tiger Woods

Woods’ 15th major championship at the Masters inspires many famous sports figures from around the world.

“I cried when I saw Woods crowned,” the 23 Grand Slam player, Serena Williams, said. “This greatness is second to none. After all the pain that his body went through, Woods is still a major champion. I can’t believe it. I want to congratulate him a million times. Thank you for transmitting it “inspire me”.

The Masters Championship 2019 is Woods’s first major title in 11 years. Before regaining his form, the 43-year-old golfer encountered many events in life and career. Woods has been in a traffic accident, divorced, has been arrested by police in a state of incontinence and has been trying to retire after four back surgeries.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods

Super Tiger” returned to the top level last year. From a position outside the top 1000, Woods is approaching the top 10 in the world after just over a year. The 43-year-old Golfer won the 80th PGA Tour title at the Tour Championship last year, before sublimating to the 2019 Masters Championship – his 15th major title.

“This is a great moment with this sport,” golfer veteran Phil Mickelson said of the Woods championship. “I was really impressed with Woods’s performance. Congratulations to him for having the fifth Blue Shirt. This day will go down in golf history.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods

With five Masters championships, Woods is close to the achievement of the legendary Jack Nicklaus – six times crowned at Augusta. “Congratulations Woods. I am happy for him as well as for golf. What happened was amazing,” touched the 79-year-old legend.

Basketball star Stephen Curry, despite going through intense play-offs with the Golden State Warriors at the NBA, will not forget to send him a message. “The greatest comeback in sports history,” Curry wrote on Twitter. “Congratulations to Tiger Woods. When we meet, let me touch the Blue Shirt once!”