Wimbledon will be willing to give special offers to Sharapova

Sharapova once won Wimbledon, the first Grand Slam title of her career at 17. The organizers of the tournament will most likely facilitate Maria Sharapova to attend, because of the achievements she achieved at the Grand Slam on the field.

Sharapova reached the semi-finals of the Stuttgart Open after finishing off with a 15-month ban. With this impressive performance, it is not difficult for “Russian Dolls” to earn enough points to attend Wimbledon, when they are invited to the Madrid Open and the Rome Masters.

But even if she failed, Wimbledon organizers – the third Grand Slam tournament of the year – will still consider giving tickets to attend.  Sharapova that’s the once won the Wimbledon – an important factor for the organizers of this Grand Slam tournament to give a special offer to the player who has just returned after 15 months of being banned for a doping scandal.

“There are many aspects for us to consider offering special seats,” that said by All England Club president Philip Brook. “Sharapova’s achievement at Wimbledon is one of them. We also consider who is in good shape recently. And the third factor is who participates will create attraction for the tournament. In short, if anyone ever has a high record at Wimbledon, that person is more likely to be invited. ”

Sharapova once won Wimbledon, the first Grand Slam title of her career at 17. These statements are contrary to the wishes of the number one UK player, Andy Murray. Murray contends that Grand Slams will not attract media and invite Sharapova.

Meanwhile, BBC tennis expert Andrew Castle offers a different perspective. On May 16, the organizers of Roland Garros will decide whether to invite Sharapova to the clay Grand Slam. The Russian won the French Open in 2012 and 2014.