Wimbledon 2019 final: Why Djokovic beat Federer after 5 sets?

Djokovic won the Wimbledon 2019 with a cold head. It sounds ridiculous because coldness is not a strong point of Novak Djokovic. But that is true again.

Wimbledon 2019 final: Djokovic beat Federer with the bravery of the King

I don’t think that when you are a little ahead of the competition, younger in age, and your journey to a more relaxed final, you can easily win. Djokovic went through a horrific final in which Federer performed all the elite and experience over 2 decades of tennis to make the world’s number one opponent to campaign every fiber, every bow- Nervous to fight back.

Winning over 15 thousand opponents

But most importantly, almost every audience in the central courtyard last night stood on Federer‘s side. In addition to the hard-to-change notions of the prejudice against players from the Balkans of the foggy country, Wimbledon audiences loved Federer rather than Djokovic, prefer Federer’s polite style to Djokovic’s mischief. You just try to put yourself in the position of Nole last night: a terrible pressure, even inhibited, because every time the opponent scores, the stands burst out, and stood up for joy.

But the Serbian tennis player himself was aware that he had to ignore those objective factors. “When the crowd chanted ‘Roger’, I heard ‘Novak’,” Djokovic smiled mischievously as he spoke after the intense 4 hours and 57 minutes final that he won with a score of 7. -6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 13-12 (3). This is also the longest final in Wimbledon’s 133-year history.

It can be easy to win, but you have to admit that Nole’s cold and humorous statement proves that he has shown scary psychic powers and concentration. “It sounds silly, but it’s true that I convinced myself, that ‘Roger’ sounds similar to ‘Novak’,” Djokovic admitted after defeating Federer, and nearly 15,000 spectators. at the center yard. It was the most costly match for him ever.