Wimbledon 2019 final: Why Djokovic beat Federer after 5 sets? (Part 2)

Before the game, they all mentioned the elements of achievement, statistics and position in history, but when the game started, the most common achievement one saw in this classic confrontation was the battle between an “artist” and a “worker”, which according to the scenario that many fans want is the victory of “artist” Federer, but Djokovic is the last crowned winner, with both muscular strength, and will.

The power of will

According to statistics, it is Federer who won more points in the final match (218 vs. 204), Federer also serves the ball better (25-10), serves one (79% – 74%) or second ball (51% – 47%) are more accurate, break rate is better (54% – 38%), winner score is even more than double (94-54), and also makes fewer double errors (6-9 ). However, Djokovic won again. The player’s key lies in the tie-break series, and that is the power of will that he has shown. On the great stage of world tennis, the two legends of the felt village have shown perfection in different forms, and Nole won only a narrow margin, as many experts remarked.

Statistical indicators after the final

While Federer made the audience burst out by the drop of genius, Djokovic’s superpowers are less of a performance, but also admirable. The number one player in the world has incredible saves, beats persistent, shows a very solid spirit and absolute concentration. In other words, Djokovic has proved that he is a true wall of will.

“I think that for most of the game, I was lying on the back of the wall, having to defend. He (Federer) controlled the game. I just tried to fight back and find the most effective way, and that’s what took place.”