Top-Rated Car Games That Help Test Your Driving Skills

If you want to feel the wind blowing in your face when you are driving down the highway, you better practice and learn a car’s essential functions and controls of a vehicle. And playing car games is one of the best ways to practice. 

  1. Ado Stunt Cars

In the excellent game, you do various impressive stunts in your sports car. Your vehicle is super-fast. You can choose from different vehicles with great colors and powerful engines. As you race around and gather points, you can buy new cars. 

The world is open, and it is yours. Two great maps are available to play – desert and port area. There is a range of ramps, loops as well as obstacles; it’s possible for you to do your epic stunts. Drive where you want, drive as swiftly as possible, and drive as carelessly as you want! If you want, it’s even possible for you to drive your car off a cliff or crash it into a wall! Have fun, and discover the world while performing some amazing stunts!

Use WASD or the arrow keys to drive. Access the menu by pressing the Spacebar.

  1. Car Tuning Simulator

In this game, you put your skills as a car mechanic and tuner to the test. Feel free to create your dream car. Take care of all the parts – for example, the frame, wheels, engine, gear shaft, and breaks. 

Install the items in the right order. Also, make sure every piece is fitted correctly. You can take care of the accessories, exterior panels, paint jobs, and mechanical components. As soon as you have built the car of your dreams, you can take it onto the track and test it! Have fun, and make your car building dreams come true today!

It’s possible for you to customize three sections – engine, body, and suspension. Many parts are available. The body part’s color is changeable.