The US Open 2019 counts make exception for Coco Gauff

The 15-year-old prodigy is being considered to give a special performance from the last Grand Slam tournament of the year.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) regulates that every young player aged 15 will not receive more than three specials in the same year. Due in turn received tickets specifically for Miami Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon qualifiers, Coco Gauff, according to WTA regulations, ran out of preferential quotas.

However, due to the miracle of a 15-year-old prodigy – winning six consecutive matches at Wimbledon (including three qualifying matches) and only stopping in the fourth round, the USTA is considering “raking” the WTA rules. According to this federation, the US Open is a Grand Slam tournament, not a regular tournament.

“Coco has won a great affection from American audiences after what has been shown in Wimbledon recently. Not a sports athlete at that age has achieved admirable performance like Gauff,” Widmaier added.

During Wimbledon’s first week, Coco Gauff helped increase the percentage of viewers of American television by 29%. All four matches of the Florida-born Grand Slam tournament are always the highest ratings.

Gauff’s form has caught the world’s attention. Former First Lady, Michele Obama, also sent congratulations and encouraged the 15-year-old American prodigy.

US Open has no similar precedent of USTA with Coco Gauff this year. But this Grand Slam was once controversial when breaking the WTA rule, in 2017. After a 15-month penalty for doping, Maria Sharapova returned to the tournament and was given a ticket specifically for attending the US Open. . The name “Russian Doll” has such a great influence that the organizers then put this player on the Arthur Ashe Center in all her matches.

Gauff currently ranks 141 worlds – enough to help her attend the US Open August coming from the qualifier without the need for special performance. Under WTA’s other rules, every 15-year-old player will not be allowed to participate in 14 professional tournaments, and Coco Gauff still has quota.