The story of Rui Pinto – the superstar hacker in football

Who is Rui Pinto? And why are you being hunted so hard? If you run a European football club, there are many things that make you worry. The first concern comes from the football field, where the players and coaches always try to beat you.

Then there is the transfer market, where the big players inside and outside are always snatching your best player. Or worse, “stealing” your money without having to spend a penny. Then there is the NHM, who always requires success.

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He was followed by the media waiting for you to fail to be able to attack. Besides, the representatives, parents, partners, sponsors and bosses. The list may be very long.

However, no one thought that the biggest threat for European clubs in the past 5 years was a history graduate student and a laptop. Pinto shared that he has been passionate about football since childhood.

Pinto was only 16 years old when Mourinho’s FC Porto won the historic UEFA Champions League title in 2004. Although his love of football lasted until he began his twenties, Pinto gradually turned to micro.

Despite not having intensive IT knowledge, he still taught himself how to “hack” into computer systems. In September 2015, he founded the Football Leaks website.

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Along with hundreds of players, representatives and clubs, all are listed in these Pinto documents. One of the most surprising information of this document was revealed in April 2017. Football Leaks revealed an email showing that Cristiano Ronaldo paid an American woman $ 375,000 to stop all the allegations.

Pinto’s disclosure of this information caused a lot of problems for Ronaldo. However, Pinto insists he is still the loyal NHM of the Portuguese superstar. “I am a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of my favorite players. I think he is one of the most comprehensive players of all time. However, this does not stop him. I provide this valuable information. I really don’t have a strategy”, Pinto said.