The most stupid loss in double tennis

Andy Murray‘s family has a special relationship with the Spanish player – Feliciano Lopez. Murray’s mother had “sunk” to confess Lopez and almost had the 37-year-old player become a stepfather of the world’s first No. 1. When that fateful relationship failed, now Murray and Lopez are still very close, in recent times they often beat each other.

In the 2019 Rogers Cup, Murray paired up with Lopez for the men’s doubles and they only went to the second round. There was a situation where Lopez rushed to hold a ball that was definitely out in the match against Lukasz Kubot – Marcelo Melo At round 1, however, the referee still gives the opponent a point because he should not touch the ball without touching the ground. Losing a dreadful score, Murray made a few words expressing his dissatisfaction with Lopez’s foolish behavior

Before that, Lopez and Andy won the Fever Tree Championships

“This championship is much more special than the men’s singles I have won in my career. I stepped on the throne when the side still has a piece of metal. Two months ago, I couldn’t think about this.” Andy moved to share with the press.

Murray’s duel title was even more noticeable, when you beat Feliciano Lopez‘s close to being the player’s stepfather in 2011. At that time, Judy (mother Murray) “sunstroke” Lopez, tennis player He has a handsome face and a beautiful body, but the Spanish player is not ready to receive love, otherwise he will become Murray’s stepfather.

Competition when the back is still covered with metal, but Andy Murray will definitely attend the doubles match at the upcoming Wimbledon. Previously, the organizers were expecting this player to play to give him a special performance.

Murray 12 times attended Wimbledon and won 2 championships in 2013 and 2016. Murray’s current situation, however, will only compete with the duo and pairing with Frenchman Pierre-Hugues Herbert.