Tennis is considered a sport for aristocrats, because the cost of buying items for tennis activities was quite expensive. However, today it becomes one of the most popular sports that anyone can join at a reasonable cost. If you are new, you should pay attention to some of the following issues.

Nutrition for tennis players

As a sport requires a lot of movement on the field, so a rich, nutritious diet to supply a large amount of energy is essential. However, it is necessary to limit fat and starch, increase water and some foods that help improve mobility, and recover health after intense training. It takes a lot of energy and sweat.

How to reduce injury effectively


Before entering the training or competition field, you need to thoroughly understand the most basic knowledge to minimize the injury to the body. From the right grip, moving or playing, catching the ball, returning the ball can all cause injury if done improperly.

When you start playing this game, you need to choose for yourself a suitable, medium-sized racket, knitting material, elasticity, etc. To get that fit, you should consult experts or people who are knowledgeable about the field.

Do not play tennis when it is rainy or too sunny, nor should you exercise when your health does not allow it to lead to fatigue due to excessive movement. In addition, before entering the yard you need to start up the leg and joint joints carefully to avoid maximum injury.

When jumping on the ball, pay attention to the new foot first to the heel to avoid heel injury. Because if the heel continues first, the focus will be too much on this part, easily leading to a broken heel. Some common injuries during training, tennis competitions are sprains, dislocations, foot bends, etc. So you pay close attention to the technique of fighting as well as not being too greedy, leading to unwanted injuries.