In the UK there can be found an abundance of local pools where people can practice their swimming techniques. The entire country is also surrounded by the coast, allowing people to swim in the sea. However, due to the cold temperatures of the water, it is best only to do this during the summer.

Swimming races are fun because they allow you to showcase your speed and agility. It is safer to do this in pools, as they are a more controlled environment than the open ocean. The most common types of swimming race are the front crawl, breaststroke and freestyle.

What to Wear

Most swimming pools in the UK require you to wear the appropriate attire. This can include swimming costumes and trunks. A lot of people also like to wear swimming hats to keep the hair protected from chlorinated water. They are useful for stopping the water from getting into your ears.

Goggles are popular as they allow swimmers to see underwater. This can be invaluable when racing opponents. Doing so with your eyes closed is risky as you could end up veering off in the wrong direction. Having a clear line of sight ensures that you swim straight towards the finish line.

The Importance of Lifeguards

Drowning is a genuine danger which can occur while swimming. If a person gets into trouble while in the water and is not rescued in time, then they usually die. That is why it is essential for weaker swimmers to stay in areas where lifeguards are available.

This is especially true when out in the sea. It can be unpredictable; the tide may change, or a current might pull the swimmer out into deeper water. Not every beach has lifeguards on hand to look after the public. Therefore, when swimming in the ocean, everyone must be aware of the fact that they are responsible for their own safety.