Sports to Try This Winter (part 2)

  1. Wok Racing

Are shovels too traditional for you? If so, there is wok racing. You know, ex-Olympic champions can line up for the opportunity to plop their posteriors into one food-grade metal wok as well as careen down ice chutes like the ones employed for the luge.

  1. The Ice Yachting

Here, you will not find the swimsuit-clad socialite seeming to sun themselves on the deck. Famous in the Gulf of Finland and the Netherlands, ice yachting is considered a cross between traditional sailing and windsurfing. Sailors use techniques which are the same as those used in sailing, yet runners on the boat’s bottom operate similarly to ice skate blades for gripping the frozen surface.

  1. Kite Skiing

It can trace its roots back to WWII as paratroopers had to provide supplies for others from the Alps. There, skiers hold onto one big kite as well as leveraging wind power for propelling themselves. They often stay grounded, yet speed flyers sometimes try to catch some air.

  1. Speed Flying

To some extent, paraglider pilots and skydivers got together as well as deciding that they needed one new adrenaline rush. These combined their sports, threw one ski pair into the mix, as well as coming up with speed flying. Here, the skier puts on one skydiving-like parachute as well as controlling the descent down the mountain through moving the skis.

  1. Snow Scooting

Like snowboarding? Appreciate mountain biking? Now you have the chance to do both at once. One snow scooter is famous as one slim snowboard with handlebars that will be attached to the front. That way, riders can steer as if they are guiding one bike.

  1. Skibobbing

Do you love the idea of snow scooting yet need more than only handlebars? Then, check out skibob. It is a great game!