Sports to Try This Winter (part 1)

If snowboarding tends to makes you yawn. How about skiing? Does it seem positively humdrum? Then, you may be like me. It is time we shake up our winter activities. Below are some quirky sports I am adding to my winter to-do list.

  1. Ski Ballet

Well-known in the ‘70s, it took skiing – the challenging sport and required athletes to add rolls, flips, jumps, as well as graceful arm movements. All of them are set to music.

  1. Horse Skijoring

It is a sport in as well as of itself; it should be what happens when something else pulls one Nordic skier, whether it is a sled dog or a snowmobile. Yet, add in one horse, and you have got something extraordinary. Equines come with much horsepower to the point that skiers can attain incredibly high speeds, letting them pull off stunts.

  1. Snow Polo

As you have got your horses out for some skijoring, why do not you grab polo mallets? In case you do not know, the official snow polo match occurred first in Switzerland in 1985—and to up the ante, it was played on one frozen lake. Now, polar polo happens in frigid countries.

  1. Snow Kayaking

Only because snow is present on the ground does not mean that your kayak needs to be relegated to your garage’s rafters. Snow kayaking is roughly similar to extreme sledding. Here, participants wax up the crafts as well as flying down one steep hill, leveraging the paddle to steer similarly to they would in a water body.

  1. Shovel Racing

For over 30 years, people have been gathering in New Mexico each year for championship shovel riding. It is a competition that grown women and men will grease up metal shovels as well as riding them down the ski slope.