Serie A: Juve waits for Ronaldo, Milan waits for Ibrahimovic

The competition for the top of the table became the focus of this round of 19 when Inter took Atalanta and AS Roma to

Sports to Try This Winter (part 2)

Wok Racing Are shovels too traditional for you? If so, there is wok racing. You know, ex-Olympic champions can line up for the opportunity

Premier League: Race to find a way to survive the holiday

This Premier League season has a winter holiday, but it is actually not because Christmas, and New Year matches are still normal. What’s controversial

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If snowboarding tends to makes you yawn. How about skiing? Does it seem positively humdrum? Then, you may be like me. It is time

How to gear up for sports season (part 2)

Check the gear  If you come back to the sport, check the equipment to ensure it still fits as well as working for you.

The 10 most expensive young players in the world in 2019

Join us in the list of the 10 most expensive young players in the world in 2019 in the following article! Ricard Puig (Spain,

La Liga again failed in the plan to emigrate to the US

Attempts to host a Spanish La Liga match in Miami (USA) were again canceled on November 15 by a court in Madrid. The decision

Historic Round 12 in the Premier League?

Since the 2001-2002 season, when the Premier League was first granted 4 Champions League places for the first time, the number 4 and 5

China has gender equality in sports

For the past 20 years, Chinese female athletes have overwhelmed their male teammates in the Olympic arena. Does that show that China has the

Top 10 most adventurous sports in the world (part 1)

There are many adventure sports that you are passionate about. Mostly it’s not just a look back time that makes you feel scared. Most