Premier League: Race to find a way to survive the holiday

This Premier League season has a winter holiday, but it is actually not because Christmas, and New Year matches are still normal.

What’s controversial is the busy schedule, but not fair for all. Because a few teams like Liverpool who have a big advantage in the championship race will also benefit from taking more breaks between matches this time, while the rest of the team like Man City try hard looking for an opportunity to compete, he was crammed right away with a disadvantage.

Man.City có lực lượng dồi dào, nhưng dịp này cũng than thở vì đấu liên tục không ngơi nghỉ /// Ảnh: AFP

Before this weekend, Man City must play 2 matches in less than 48 hours. Even midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has the best physical strength to say: “It is impossible to play in the condition that there is almost no time to recover like that. The first match is possible, but the next match I do not know what to do. Accordingly, Man City met Wolverhampton on the away field at dawn on December 28. After this match, they had to rush back to their home ground to prepare for the match against Sheffield United at 1:00 on December 30.

Coach Pep Guardiola said he sent a private letter to the organizing committee of the English Premier League but encapsulated only two words: “Thank you” full of cynicism, for scheduling exhausted every effort of the Man City players.

Not only Man City, other teams such as Wolverhampton, Leicester, Bournemouth or Newcastle also played 2 matches in a row, but the interval between the previous match and the next match was also only 45 and a half hours apart for both moving and recovering. and go to the next match.

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Wolverhampton coach Nuno Espirito Santo lamented: “Man City or other teams are also complaining, but we are not because we have to enlist to breathe to survive. It’s hard to understand and ridiculous when Wolverhampton had to run and kick this way. I don’t expect success or defeat in these matches, but I hope that the whole team survives as well”.

Liverpool, on the other hand, are almost unaffected by the run-of-the-mill, as they will have an average of nearly 3 days off per game so they have enough time to move and recover. Klopp’s army has just returned from Qatar earlier this week with the title of FIFA Club World Cup champion, so they will be excited to return to the English Premier League against Leicester away at 3:00 on December 27, after which they will have to more than 68 hours to rest, move to return home to Wolverhampton. The next match at the beginning of the new year, Liverpool vs Sheffield United at 3 o’clock on 3 January.

Liverpool currently plays less than Man City 1 game, but still keeps the gap to 11 points, while the second team Leicester 10 points. With this momentum, Liverpool will obviously increase the points difference even more.