Practice Fun Ride with the Potty Racers Game (part 1)

Are you hanging tight for some boring activities? However, such driving energy as the car – dashing makes you scared? Then let’s looking for a simple game that is excellent. Or on the other hand, the game you need is definitely will boost up your energy and have more and more fun times. If you answer correctly, the best decision is the Potty Racers.

About the game

Potty Racers are entertaining games with lots of exciting activities, but the flying is not too energetic as you think when you hear, but that it is a fantastic entertainment. This is straightforward gameplay, both in terms of the structure and standard of the game. Indeed, even young children can play this entertainment and also play very well.

The plan is necessary with the main character being a man. He was dark from head to toe and thin. He has long hair. The scene was not particularly lively; there was a warm slope on it with only grass, trees, men, potty that the man used and a few banners. Various locations in driving, blissful bluffs, bluff beaches and blaster slopes, in the same style as the boot slope. Each of them is planned.

In the game, you play as this dark man. He uses an open angle to attempt to fly. Moreover, what you need to do is make him fly incredibly and as far as possible. There are goals you need to achieve to continue playing at different slopes. It is similar to the level. When you reach the goal, the game will see: “New slope opens”.


Like planning and standards, controls are simple, so even children can play this game. In the game, you need to use the mouse to select the slope, proceed or not, to buy essential equipment, etc. The mouse controls a large part of the activity in entertainment.