Physical Strength Development in Sports

This is just one of the best examples of how Zlatan displayed his extraordinary physical abilities. And it shows a huge difference between Fitness and Exercise for physical development, especially for athletes.

To successfully compete in any sport, you must have skills. But in order to perform a skill, you must have flexibility. Therefore, flexibility is the number 1 factor that needs to be preserved or improved when exercising physically. Only when performing a skill thoroughly, can we think about developing the strength to use that skill with the highest efficiency.

Front Squat and Overhead Squat are 2 of the most difficult exercises and require the flexibility of all joints on the body. So in addition to using them for training, you can also use these 2 exercises as a way to test the flexibility of your body.

In a nutshell, do not make mistakes and try to gain unnecessary muscle mass, too much muscle without any of the above factors only makes you heavy, tense and limited mobility only. Focus on increasing strength and dynamism, and on the basis of good flexibility you will achieve desired mobility. Nice muscles and body shape will definitely follow as a “bonus” for your efforts.

Any sport that requires you to exercise skills, or that requires you to move on the ground, practice and develop the ability to apply the strongest force possible to the ground. Relative power is how much force you can exert, based on your weight. This is extremely important. Relatively good strength will give you the ability to control and move your body more easily and effectively.

If you gain weight, gain muscle, and your ability to pull ups is reduced, there is definitely something wrong here. You may be prettier, but your motor skills may not have improved. Bigger muscles are not equated with strength.

So, whatever you practice, don’t forget to use the above basic bodyweight exercises. Let you continuously exercise relative strength – your body’s ability to control and move its own weight.