Pele – The Zeus of Olympus

If we talk about the emperors of soccer, then Pele is the superlative form. “The greatest”, “the most wonderful”, “the most brilliant”, “the most influential”, … are the things that are not exaggerated when talking about Pele.

Playing professional football at the age of 15, making his debut for the 16-year-old team and winning the world championship at just 17, Pele has so far failed to reach an international record. If you think football legends are the gods at Mount Olympus, then Pele is certainly Zeus.

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Pele, born Edson Arantes do Nascimento, was born on October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. Pele was the eldest son of Joan Ramos and Mrs. Dona Celeste. His father is also a football player playing in an amateur tournament. Pele’s name Edson was named after Thomas famous American scientist Thomas Edison, and Pele also nicknamed “Dico”. A few years later, the Pele family decided to relocate from Tres Coracoes to the city of Bauru.

Mr. Joao Ramos, although a football player, still could not earn enough money to cover a full life for his family, so Pele grew up in poverty and early on struggling from an early age. The origin of the name Pele comes from his idol – Bile keeper of Vasco da Gama club. Unable to afford the ball, Joao Ramos gave his son a ‘ball’ made from grapefruit peel, and Pele soon found out that his lifelong love was football.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho pele

After the first world championship with the team, Pele was welcomed by Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Even AC Milan president Angelo Moratti was forced to tear up the Pele signing contract due to the pressure from the Brazilian president Santos attack on a Brazilian fan. In 1961, the Brazilian government declared the Soccer King Pele a national protector in order to protect him from the attention of big clubs across the Atlantic and not to let Pele go abroad to play.

During his time with Santos, Pele won numerous titles, big and small: 6 national championships, 2 Copa Libertadores, 2 Intercontinental Cup. Personally, Pele is the number one striker in Santos for five seasons, earning the title of “Top scorer” in Serie A1 (also known as Campeonato Paulista). Most memorable in the 1958 season, Pele won the Serie A1 championship with a record 58 goals throughout the tournament, the achievement so far no one can beat.