Nadal unexpectedly lost at Wimbledon 2019


Nadal unexpectedly lost to Cilic after two sets in the Hurlingham grass-field match for Wimbledon 2019.

Rafael Nadal has just received a surprise defeat on the grassy run for Wimbledon 2019. However, according to a colleague who just beat him, Nadal is still the # 1 candidate for Gold trophy in the upcoming Grand Slam, not Federer or Djokovic.

After being crowned worthy on the ground in 2 Rome Masters and Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal did not choose to attend any official tournament on the Wimbledon money, unlike the great rival, Roger Federer just crowned ATP Halle Open.


Instead, on June 26, the current world No. 2 player attended the Hurlingham Tennis Classic friendly match against Marin Cilic.

In the first match on the pitch this year, Nadal unexpectedly lost to the former US Open 2014 champion after two quick sets with 3-6.

Although this is just a friendly match, its results partly reflect Rafael Nadal’s unstable preparation for Wimbledon. The third Grand Slam of the year on the grass at the All England Club is the Spanish “Gaur” champion twice and the last time since 2010.

Nadal has also received bad news when he was only ranked No. 3 seed and had to cede the No. 2 seed position at Wimbledon this year to Federer.

The reason is that the Wimbledon organizers seeded the ATP score plus 100% of the pitch of the players in the past 12 months and 75% of the pitch in the previous 12 months. Nadal’s total score is 8800 points, less than 180 points compared to Roger Federer – who just won the ATP Halle last week.

Rafael Nadal has won Wimbledon twice but has not reached the Grand Slam Grand Final since 2011.  After the match with Cilic, Nadal worried fans when he admitted having a muscular problem during Wimbledon rehearsals.