Michael Phelps – The legend of the green race is back

After a period of absence, the “Number 1” athlete of the swimming village returned and braced himself for a new record break at the 2016 Olympics. On the blue track, Michael Phelps is a monument that is hard to overcome. He has broken many world records and was selected as the world swimmer of the year in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Phelps won eight gold medals in eight.

The content I participated in, made 7 world records, 1 Olympic record. The following season in 2012, Phelps had a form of decline but still kept a respectable record with 4 gold medals and two silver medals. After that, Phelps suddenly announced his retirement, causing many fans to be extremely disappointed.

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However, two years later, in 2014, Phelps announced it was back to the green track. However, due to a number of personal scandals, it was not until early 2015 that phelps actually scored its next mark in sports. In August 2015, at the US National Championships, Phelps surprised the whole world and fell in admiration with the world’s best achievement in the 200m butterfly swim.

Soon after, he won the 100m butterfly again, achieving the highest achievement of the year and the fifth best in human history. And the next victory in the mixed 200m with a record of 1 minute 54 seconds 75 helped him set up a spectacular hat-trick. This incident proves that once you are a class athlete, no matter how difficult it is in life, once you try, you will find your own glory.

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The 2016 Rio Olympics are coming very close, Phelps is expected to raise his total number of Olympic gold medals from 18 to 24 or more, all depending on his training efforts from here to time. that point. Can Michael Phelps set another record?

The answer is absolutely yes. With a strong spirit, outstanding health and determination to the end in sports, Michael Phelps will always be a monument to be hard to overcome. Simply because he never stopped in place, but always yearning to conquer higher heights, always moving forward to win himself.