La Liga again failed in the plan to emigrate to the US

Attempts to host a Spanish La Liga match in Miami (USA) were again canceled on November 15 by a court in Madrid.

The decision means that La Liga’s plan to move the match between Villarreal and Atletico Madrid, scheduled to take place on 6.12, cannot be held in the United States. This is the second attempt of the Spanish top league (La Liga) in the plan to emigrate some matches of the tournament to hold in the US. La Liga’s “migration” was part of an overseas development strategy, but was constantly thwarted by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Last season, La Liga planned to transfer the match between Barcelona and Girona to hold in Florida (USA) in January, which was stopped by the court due to opposition from RFEF. However, despite the unsuccessful attempt to emigrate, La Liga is still confident that the plan can be implemented in the near future.

La Liga lại bất thành trong nỗ lực đưa một số trận đấu đến Mỹ /// AFP

Accordingly, in a statement, the head of La Liga, Mr. Javier Tebas said that he will persevere with the ambition of playing in the international arena at a trial in February next year to decide whether BTC solution can organize matches outside of Spain or not.

“The court decision on Friday (November 15) does not exclude a future match (to be sent overseas for competition). We will keep trying because we feel it is the right way”, Mr. Tebas emphasized.

La Liga lại bất thành trong kế hoạch “di cư” sang Mỹ - ảnh 1

Earlier, La Liga also issued a notice about changing the schedule of the match “Super classic” between host Barcelona against Real Madrid. Accordingly, this famous battle will take place on December 18.

According to the schedule from the beginning of the season, the Super classic match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Nou Camp took place on October 26 but was forced to postpone due to the security unrest related to the independent protests in Catalonia.