James Rodriguez – The star in the Arka Paraiso streer

The surrounding landscape also changed quite a lot. The surrounding streets are now bustling with commercial atmosphere. When Pilar returned here to be with James, it was still very young, not so many cars and noisy as it is now.

In front of the house is now a commercial center. And there is a sandy yard that Cooperamos Tolima’s players used to practice. James slept with his mother in the innermost room.

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But in the day he liked to go to Patricia’s room. Because from the balcony in this room he could watch Cooperamos Tolima’s training sessions, call each player’s name, and cheerfully applaud his goals. Passion for football has infiltrated James like that.

Coach Jorge Luis Bernal has repeatedly seen the boy enjoy watching the training sessions. He came home to get acquainted with the docile blonde boy. Bernal came home and asked James’s grandmother for permission to let the boy into the playground.

Football always pursued James, even before his birth. Those who cultivated James’ desire for football were his mother and stepfather, Juan Carlos Restrepo.

Mrs. Pilar often showed James the Deportes Tolima team to play at Ibague. Stepfather also gave James the first adidas shoes. Both taught the boy the first lesson in life. That is discipline.

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Like the children of the race, James thought nothing but the ball. Everyday he wanted nothing more than to hug a yellow ball and wait for her to open the door to run to the football field.

Even though it was just a cement-based basketball court with two small subjects installed to play street football. This is the first stadium of the future star. The houses next door were so close to the yard that they were like stands.

In James’s house there are not so many balls because of special days. It was the only gift that could interest him.