Is hand beating technique in jogging important

Most of you when jogging think only about running techniques, grounding techniques or breathing techniques. Not many people care that hand hitting plays an important role in running performance.

When hitting the right hand will contribute to reducing wasted energy consumption, running faster and effectively reducing injury. To better understand the importance of hand-hitting, check out the information below!

When in a relaxed position it is most effective, and also in jogging. You can just run comfortably with a rhythmic rhythm. The factor that directly affects rhythm is the movement of your arms while running.

When running with arms relaxed or curled up in front of chest, the back and legs will increase pressure, creating an uncomfortable feeling for the runner. Because of that, hand hitting plays a very important role when running.

Furthermore, even hitting hands helps keep the body balanced when moving. The whole body will be pushed forward, the jogging rhythm will improve. Correct hand hitting will reduce the force applied to the body part from hip to leg.

Hand position is very important while running, to avoid arm fatigue. If the position of your hands when jogging is not correct, swinging your arms excessively can easily lose power.

A serious understanding is, a lot of people think to let the arm as little as possible, with the aim of less energy. Did you know this is an incorrect understanding?

Experts in the field of running, or experienced runners have advised that. The best hand placement is to keep the forearms and forearms 90 degrees perpendicular to each other. When running, use your shoulder force to distribute it to your arms.

Avoid using too much force in the arms will cause arms fatigue. Or crossing hands with the other hand should also adjust when running, if you have this habit. The position of your hand has a flexible adjustment at chest or hip level, so that you feel the most comfortable.