How to gear up for sports season (part 2)

  1. Check the gear 

If you come back to the sport, check the equipment to ensure it still fits as well as working for you. In case you are a newbie to one game, you should ask the coach what is necessary for you. You can purchase the gear second hand. Alternatively, borrow it from your friends or siblings to save money. Be sure all the equipment is clean as well as being safe for you to use. If you are not sure, you can ask the coach to look at them before your first day of practice.

  1. Account for a sports camp

It helps not only new players but also experienced ones practice skills before they begin the season. Coaches, college players, or the like often teach these camps. Most are inclusive of drill sessions and scrimmages toward the day’s end. Drill work helps improve your skills. And scrimmaging with others allows you to practice those skills in several real-game situations. Not all, scrimmages can help out a lot in getting the feel of teamwork in case you are not used to something like that. Many colleges and schools offer sports camps as well as clinics during the summer as well as on the weekends over the school year.

  1. See the doctor

Your team or school will need you to attain a sports physical before letting you try out or play. As everyone needs getting checked to play, the doctors are preoccupied at the sports seasons’ beginning.

Ask your dad or mom to set up an appointment prior to the beginning of your season. It gives the doctor much time for filling out the paperwork for you to begin your sport on time. In case you wear glasses, think about visiting the eye doctor to check the prescription.