How to exercise safely at home

Performing homework needs to be done correctly to minimize possible damage. There are many effective home exercises that are as effective as the gym, please refer to below.

The sofa will be a useful friend for you to exercise at home. A lot of movements for the abdomen, thighs, and waist are effective when combined with a sofa.

For example, sitting on a chair, doing a twisting motion, with your feet not touching the floor, your hands up in front. This will help tone the abdominal muscles.

Without a sofa, just an ordinary chair can also exercise at home. The movements are the same as when done on the sofa. The effect is equally as good.

The stairs are very suitable for home exercise. Simple, easy to perform, highly effective in health training. Up and down stairs continuously for about 10 minutes, you have freed yourself from 100 calories.

If you’ve ever been to a yoga center for yoga, the practice at home is very simple. In case you do not understand the techniques, open youtube to learn.

First, you get into a pushup position, then push your hips as high as you can, arms and legs straight, head down parallel to your arms. Next, slowly lower your elbows but keep your legs straight.

You try to push the upper body and crawl from low to high. Place your arms straight and stretch your upper body from head to abdomen towards the sun in a tummy position. Homework takes patience and effort.

An extremely simple exercise. Just lie down, straighten your legs up, close your buttocks against the wall, creating a right angle between your back and legs. Hands along the body and keep the posture. Breathe evenly for 10 minutes.

It will limit the feeling of numbness and fatigue in the legs, especially women who wear high heels. Especially, you will have a deep sleep when you practice this movement regularly.