Hone Your Racing Skills with Madalin Cars Multiplayer Intense 3D Game (part 2)

Where are you going to be?

  • Map 2: This old dockyard gives you a chance to go on a rampage! Although this map does not give you much of a scope to test your stunt skills due to its limited ramps and loops, it does give you enough to explore. So go on and see if you can find something interesting
  • Map 3: If the city outskirts are not of your taste, then try this fully equipped racing track. Put your machine to the ultimate test of speed, agility, and control. Go on, drift up some dust cloud!

Pit Yourself against Other Players

Do you have the guts to beat others in the race? Do you want to show the world your stunt? Select the multiplayer mode and challenge other players in this intense 3D racing game. You have the choice of joining any available room or create your own private or public place.

  • Join a Room:

Challenge multiple players and show off your skills or indulge in some serious steel wrecking action in this intense game. Once in the multiplayer mode, you have the option to choose from a list of available rooms. You don’t have to play and guess the game; the list shows you the details of each room, including the number of players in the room and the Map number. If you happen to know the name of the place you want to join, just hit the join button next to the room’s name.

This great multiplayer mode needs no signups. You just need a player name which the game provides. You can use the suggested name or pick something unique for you. You will, however, be unable to change a name once chosen, so keep that in mind. Oh yes, I’m talking to you, PoOpYfAcEbandit69….