Hone Your Racing Skills with Madalin Cars Multiplayer Intense 3D Game (part 1)

If racing supercars give you the ultimate thrill, this game must feature in your top list. Race against your competitors, rampaging through the desert, or testing your stunt skills; this game has got it all and then some! Entirely free and completely online, this is a must-have for speed enthusiasts. Yes, I am talking about Madalin Cars Multiplayer.

Madalin Cars Multiplayer is an online multiplayer action-packed racing game. Fire up your roaring engine and show the world what you have got. This game does not require any download or installation; just your browser will suffice. Yes, this game is on my list needed!

Let’s dig deeper into this awesome adrenaline generating game and see what it has got to offer.

Choose Your Roaring Monster!

The game gives an array of super sturdy and sexy looking racing monsters to choose from. Take your pick from 30+ supercars at the starting level. With such an extensive list, you are sure to find your dream machine. If you are adventurous enough, you also have a State Trooper Police car at your disposal.

To help you appreciate the beauty of these sexy mean-machines, the game offers a fully 3-dimensional 360-degree view of the cars. You can also zoom in to check out the vehicles in detail. Just use your mouse scroll wheel.

Go on and customize the color of your vehicle any way you like – fiery red, neon orange, or classy black, you get it all. Use the color slider to mix and match your own shade. If you find this customizing stuff too tiresome, just hit the random button, make the game choose your paint job.

Where are you going to be?

The game lets you choose your location. Choose a map from any of the three options.

  • Map 1: Test your stunt skills on some seriously mind-boggling ramps and loops in this barren city outskirt track. Try out and master new skills on these thrilling ramps. Make sure you try out one of the full circle loops.