Fierce race of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic (Part 2)

After the 2019 season, the number of Grand Slams of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic are 20, 19 and 16. The three have completed their career Grand Slams for a long time and keep their own records.

Federer has eight titles Wimbledon, Nadal. There are 12 French Open, and Djokovic has seven Australian Open titles.
This race will be decided by physical factors, with the biggest disadvantage belonging to Federer. Swiss “speedboat” is 38 years old, while Nadal 33 and Djokovic 32. Federer had about four years without winning the Grand Slam (2013 to 2016). During that period, Nadal had three more titles, while Djokovic won seven cups.
History of men’s tennis has not witnessed a case of winning the Grand Slam after the 38th birthday. Ken Rosewall won the Australian Open 1972 at 37 years and 67 days. He also holds the record for the oldest person to reach the Grand Slam finals when he was in his 40s. It is the only mirror Federer can look into to increase confidence.
Nadal and Djokovic are still years ahead. With the scientific activity regime and the advanced training method that they are applying, the “age” of both can increase significantly. “Federer is the symbol I aim to know that I can play to his age,” Djokovic announced after defeating his senior in the Wimbledon final in June.
For many years, those who praised Federer as the “Greatest Of All Time” (GOAT) often relied on the number of Grand Slam titles and subjective assessments of the beauty of his play. But others also point to Nadal as “GOAT” because of Federer’s overwhelming confrontation record (24-16) and the massive collection at both the Grand Slam and the Masters 1000 events. Meanwhile, Djokovic is reminded of came for being the only one to win four Grand Slams in a row, overtaking both Federer and Nadal in the head-to-head (26-22 with Federer, 28-26 with Nadal), and knocking the duo’s dominance over to take the throne Top of the world.
“Nadal is in the best position among them,” said Francisco Roig, a member of the Nadal coaching team, after the 2019 US Open final. “The trio are still winning each year. The race is still long, but Nadal is in a good position to pass