Fake news about Ronaldo is a painful problem (Part 1)

A piece of untrue news – even if it carries a good message – can have unpredictable consequences. The story of the hotel of Cristiano Ronaldo over time is an example of that.

Last week, the football world was buzzed with the news that Ronaldo would turn his hotel in Portugal into a hospital to fight the disease. Not only stop at hotel donation, Ronaldo is also given the willingness to pay salaries for the doctors and nurses fighting the disease.

Hundreds of websites and newspapers around the world have reposted the information, including famous media outlets such as Marca (Spain) or Talk Sports (UK).

Ronaldo’s story quickly spread online and left a very positive effect. Even the fans of Lionel Messi expressed their support for Ronaldo’s beautiful action.

Tin gia ve Ronaldo la van nan nhuc nhoi hinh anh 1 rodihotel.jpg

According to writer Andy Mitten, Ronaldo’s story begins with a TV host named Adriano Del Monte. The Italian MC even has an “green tick” account and uses it to put information about the Juventus superstar.

That story seems perfect. Ronaldo, the most famous football player in the world, is still doing charity. And the fact that he turned the hotel into a hospital, paying a portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth didn’t seem to matter much. The only problem (and also the biggest) is that Ronaldo has never done it.

Del Monte information is a piece of fake news, also known as “fakes news” in recent years. Hotel spokesman PestanaCR7 denied the information. Ronaldo did not mention this in official statements because it simply is not real.

Tin gia ve Ronaldo la van nan nhuc nhoi hinh anh 2 siro.jpg

The CR7 hotel is going through a tough time because of the disease. A source from PestanaCR7 shared with AFP: “All are not true. We have not received any offers or instructions on the above information.”

Not only Ronaldo, but Messi is also another victim of fake news in recent times. Nearly a week after Ronaldinho was detained by Paraguay authorities for using a fake passport, Messi is said to be willing to spend $ 4.5 million to help his former teammate get out of trouble with the law.