Exercise in the winter: The power of determination

Sleep is extremely easy, meals become more delicious than ever. So getting up early to exercise in the winter is really about expressing the power of determination and a little courage. That is the season you are most ill!
Is it unjust for the winter?

Or do we not see the value of this season, the beauty of the winter and the necessity of it?
Without sports, the winter will be so bleak. If you exercise, it is unexpected, the obnoxious fat is running away, even disappearing faster than the summer. The benefits of winter sports are also not obsessed with sweat, not to mention the variety of winter exercise.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tap thể thao vào mùa đông

Honestly, winter, swimming pools are much more attractive than summer. The tank is empty, clear water, little chemicals, warm water embraces you, each muscle is soothed, the spinal bone system is gently far away.
Don’t wear a bikini in a winter pool, you’ll die on the road from the dressing room to the pool. Wear a winter swimsuit, warm and discreet. It also obscures quite a bit of extra fat that has been formed when you’re lazy.

Let’s swim about 10 standard tank rings, ie about 1km also means you have run about 5km equivalent. But gentle, relaxed, no pressure, the spine is not affected, the knee is relaxed and most importantly, 700kcal has been lost at any time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tap thể thao vào mùa đông

If you go swimming every day, it’s boring. Besides, a heated swimming pool is only available in the house, lack of light, the main source of vitamin D. So cycling is a great solution. This is the sport of choice more than swimming because its price is too low.

Cycling is a female sport that is unrivaled in natural growth and development, more effective than calcium, iron and zinc supplementation. If you did parents. Let’s go out and ride the bike with the kids. Because this is the best sport in the winter, it helps children to quickly develop while developing the balance ability, promoting the genius factors in young people.