When I think of the word sports my mind conjures up images of rugby and cricket. At the very least I imagine an activity that requires a high level of physical exertion. The concept of video game competitions being considered a sport was at first alien to me.

However, after looking further into the subject and researching thoroughly I have discovered that e-sports actually requires an impressive level of skill and dedication. The top players spend their days learning how to perfect their tactics. When these people are put together in a room to compete against each other it can be a very exciting event.

Battle Royale Games

In recent years, battle royale games have become very popular. Each player is placed on a map and they much fight each other until there is only one left remaining. Winning these games requires strategy and quick reflexes.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite are two examples of battle royale games that are regularly played during tournaments. Players are forced to find weapons and resources hidden throughout the map. This adds an element of luck into the mix.

First Person Shooters

This is one of the most common genres seen at e-sport events. Players control characters armed with firearms. The camera is from a first person perspective. During tournaments there are several game modes that are used. Team death match is popular as it allows a higher level of tactics to be employed.

However, other e-sport players prefer matches where each competitor is solo. That way the true champion can be determined. Despite this, team matches tend to be the most lucrative as they attract a higher number of sponsors.

For years, first person shooters have dominated the e-sport community. It seems likely that in the future they will continue to be used for these tournaments.