Dancesport – dance together and burn calories

Surely no one is stranger when it comes to Dancesport – sports – dance with extremely large coverage. Dancesportà is the name used by World DanceSport Federation to call the form of Ballroom Dancing in their organized dance competitions. It was also recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a competition Olympic.

Sports dance is the most modern and most nuanced sport for modern people. When practicing this sport, people will be fully developed with physical qualities such as speed, strength, endurance and flexibility.

The process of training will make the body get a balanced beauty, fashionable and very charming. Especially this sport also carries in it the beauty of the charming soul.


Thus, Dancesport is another sport of dance with artistic dance, because it is sporty, healthy, faster and stronger. But the beautiful couples must also be full of art. In general Sports dance is a special sport that is both for physical exercise and beauty for people.

In 2011 at the annual general meeting in Luxembourg, IDSF officially changed its name to WDSF (World DanceSport Federation). This has contributed to bringing the subject closer to the public as a sport and not merely dancing. It is this reason that extends the popularity of Dancesport, which helps a series of competitions, great awards for this subject.


Dance is a genre that almost synthesizes many sports. A dance session helps you consume energy equivalent to running 1,500 meters. On the surface, you can see that the movements are relatively light, but in fact, the calories burned during dance practice are very significant.

It takes only two to three times a week to play dance, this will be the best alternative exercise for regular exercise lessons. Dancing is also a great exercise to reduce abdominal muscles, firm the third round. The abdominal and hip muscles will be very active when you dance.