Classic Football will be became extinct without it …

From the classic beginning, when football was simply a game, people said so. Now, when football is a billion-dollar business, one has to say and think so. The Germans advocate selling cheap tickets in the Bundesliga for visitors to the field, because a person who comes to the field with a cheap ticket can spend an additional 10 euros in 90 minutes.

When English teams fiercely compete for market share in Asia, after all, it is competing for hundreds of millions of television viewers, along with the huge profits that come.

Does football die without a coach? Just go to Brazil and ask. They are ready to answer, Brazil roughly 200 million coaches for the national team! Football also does not die without commentators. The opposite is the opposite: veteran commentators sometimes have to say they live off of football.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bóng đá

Now, as if there were no national boundaries, no quota for foreign players or coaches, but famous football tournaments like the Premier League or Serie A still retain the features that have existed from dozens, rows a hundred years. The English League is still in a rush, the Italian league is still tactical, focusing on defense. Why? This is because one important component never changes: the audience.

The Italians are cautious in all areas of life, and they come to the yard to watch defensive art. Dan Anh to the yard is still for entertainment. Foreign players or coaches can adjust themselves to suit each environment. Good football like Diego Forlan – the best in the 2010 World Cup – but not suitable for the British football environment, it also failed. Simply because the majority of the audience decided: the player failed, according to the rules of English football.

Having to say so long about the role of the audience only to conclude one thing: the audience must definitely be an important component.