Benefits of playing children in team sports

Exercise and sports are extremely good activities for health. This is so obvious because there are so many studies, the claims of many domestic and foreign scientists. When children play sports, it will stimulate the activity of all children‘s motor systems. It will help improve operability, flexibility, and load capacity thereby stimulating the ability to grow in size and size thereby making the baby more tall.

Regular practice will make the body’s functional systems improve function and ability to work better. For example, bone. If you let your child practice a variety of subjects like running, jumping like basketball, football, for example. Will impact directly on the legs and hands in a positive way to make the legs and hands more sturdy and healthy.

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Bearing capacity, impact will be better from there to minimize the injury after the unnecessary impact. In addition, the exercise and fitness of children will be very good for the whole operation of other functional systems. For example, a lot of exercise and jumping will be good for the heart, excretion and digestion due to the proper use of energy in the baby’s body.

That is completely grounded! Why is that ? Because if you let your children play disciplines that require improving teamwork like football, basketball, linking and taking advantage of the collective strength to improve, improve and win is an important thing.

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There are still more factors and influences than the whole team but it is impossible to win the solidarity and consensus of the whole team. When the child is trained in an environment that enhances teamwork and relies on the power of solidarity to win. Your child will learn the spirit of working and playing in groups quickly.

Obviously when in the environment of the team, the discipline, respect for the ability, respect for the voice of others is very necessary, so the child will be trained in personal discipline to serve the needs of work. the group. The ability to care for others, the spirit of loving compassion is trained.