About My Blog

This blog focuses on the theme of sporting activities. I talk about the ones which are the most significant in my life. The articles on this entertaining site give not just my personal opinion on the sports, but also general information that will be useful to all.

The Sports Which I Talk About

Football has a broad appeal, and for this reason, I have an article all about it. I discuss the rules of five-a-side and why it is great to play with friends. Archery is one of my all-time favourite sports and for that reason, I explain its history and significance to human beings.

Fencing is a popular Olympic sport which can be played by anyone. I list the three different swords used and let the reader know what makes them distinct. Weightlifting is also talked about extensively on this blog. My main focus is on the aesthetic and strength sides of this activity.

Cycling is another sport which can be enjoyed by practically anyone. In my article detailing it, I inform the reader of the safety concerns of riding a bike. This information will be not only useful but also potentially life-saving.


Before I started this blog, I was relatively unfamiliar with the concept of e-sports. I was not sure that playing video games could even be classed as a sport. However, after some research, I was proven wrong. In one of my articles, I list the two most popular e-sport types; first-person shooters and battle royales.