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I am an English citizen who hopes to inform the reader about some of the most popular sports played in this country. Each article found on this site will focus on a single sport which interests me. The blog will be particularly useful to those who are unfamiliar with Britain’s favourite pastimes.

Purpose of the Blog

There has been a recent epidemic of obesity in the UK. This is caused by a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise. The worrying trend is particularly prevalent in young people. However, the good news is that a lot of the damage can be reversed. It is never too late to start getting healthy.

My main hope is that my blog will inspire people to seek out the different sports which I talk about. If they can get more active, then this site has done its job. Sports are not just a way to improve your overall health. They are also often social activities. I have certainly met many of my closest friends through sports such as football and archery.

Mental Health and Sports

I am also aware of the mental health issues which plague many people in the UK. I have personally found that playing sports can be a massive mood booster. For instance, cycling encourages the production of endorphins which can help prevent anxiety and depression.

If you suffer from mental health issues, then I highly recommend getting into sports. I discuss numerous ones; some can be done solo and others as part of a group. If people find one which works for them and make them feel better, then this blog will have been a successful one.

Please enjoy this site and the information it contains. Hopefully, it will start you off on your path to following a sport which is perfect for you.